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If Rin was King of Gods or King of Demons

Pof203 July 29, 2015 User blog:Pof203

I know this may not be the appropret place to talk about this, but I had to say this. I was wondering what would happen if Rin became King of Gods or Demons.

If Rin become King of Gods, I can imagine that he would go through a drasic change in his personality. He would probably be like Sia's father and be overly happy and prideful. And wear a revealing yukata.

If Rin become King of Demons, I can imagine that he will go through a calm change in his personality. He would be like Narene's father and be a calm and cool womanizer. And wear goth-like clothing.

Now tell me what you think. Or tell me if you think what I said maybe a bit off. Thank you.

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