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Shuffle! Love Rainbow
SHUFFLE!-Love Rainbow cover art




Navel (PC)


Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romantic comedy






April 28, 2011


Eroge, Visual Novel

Shuffle! Love Rainbow is the fourth eroge visual novel in the Shuffle! series created by Navel for Microsoft Windows. It is a continuation of Kaede's path from Really? Really! or Sia's path from Shuffle! Essence+, or Primula's path from Shuffle!. Last storyline is the Ruri Matsuri's path, which takes place at the same time as the storylines from Shuffle!.


When the player starts the game, he can only chose three paths: Sia's, Primula's and Kaede's. Each storyline is an after story, Kaede's path takes place at the time of a school festival. In Primula's path, the main heroine would like to be seen more as a girl and not a child. In the third storyline, Sia and Kikyou will be have a few problems. When the player finishes the first three paths, he can play the last one. In the forth storyline we follow the story of Ruri, which is a romantic story like paths from Shuffle! and it's quite different from Ruri's side story in Shuffle! Essence+. In this game, we chose only which story we want to follow; we don't have any choices while playing the path.


Main CharactersEdit

The protagonist of the previous games and this one, which the player assumes the role of.

Lisianthus / Kikyou These two sisters just want to be with Rin.

She wants to go with Rin to a school festival.

She wants to be seen by Rin more like a girl.

She falls in love with Rin, but she's really shy, that's why they need some time to tell each other their feelings. This is the first game with Ruri's H (hentai) scenes.

Secondary CharactersEdit


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