Really? Really!

リアリー? リアリー!

Really really


Navel (PC)

Kadokawa Shoten (DS)

MangaGamer (North America PC)




PC and Nintendo DS

Release date

November 24, 2006 (limited edition)

April 17, 2007 (standard edition)

June 25, 2009 (DS Edition)

June 6, 2014 (English version)


Visual novel, Eroge (PC)

Really? Really! is the third installment of the Shuffle! series. It is a continuation of Kaede's path from the first Shuffle! visual novel.

'Primula comes back to the Fuyou home as family.
The King of Gods and King of the Devils perform an inspection of Primula's emotion control in front of Rin and Kaede, but right in the middle, Primula's magical force - which far exceeded their expetations - goes out of control and affects Kaede's mind.

The various memories within Kaede are rearranged in tatters.
As a result, Fuyou Kaede is left in a state of utter confusion and falls asleep. 
Nobody knows when or if she will awaken.

In order to return her memory to normal and wake her, Rin and his friends dive into Kaede's mental world. Inside lies their past together.'

[From MangaGamer]


This novel features six heroines:


In Really? Really!, Kaede has lost her memories and throughout the game, the player must try and fix them. Using keywords acquired from viewing various events in Kaede's memories, the player must connect the dots and build back Kaede's real memories.

The player starts at a "crossroad" where different doors are available. By going through the events beyond the doors and correcting memories with the keywords earned on the way, the player receives a "memory" which he can "liberate" by watching.

The player is allowed five errors per day to get the memories corrected. In order to get the CG for the scene, the player must have a 100% completion. If the player makes five errors in a day, the game ends.

The player should also note that once he makes 3 mistakes out of the 5 allowed, the game allows a hint where the "life bar" flashes, notifying that a certain keyword must be used at this dialog. However, it does not reveal what keyword should be used, so it is possible that the player may not possess the keyword. In this case, he must "escape" and choose another path to find the keyword.

Should the player feel that he does not have the appropriate keyword for the situation, the player has the option of escaping the scene (and even that particular event/time entirely), and then coming back later upon acquiring more keywords.This is possible as the player usually has access to multiple events to play back and correct in the "event selection" area.

Upon completion of all the events of a day, the player is able to play back these memories from Kaede's point of view, providing interesting insights into her inner thoughts. This is the only time when Rin's lines are voiced. Other characters may also comment from time to time during these sequences.


Shortly before it's standard edition, a Reallly? Really! manga was created. The manga was published by Kadokawa Shoten and written by Navel. The manga ran through January 10, 2007 to December 10, 2007 with a total of two volumes.  



Opening Theme: Remember memories, by YURIA.

Insert Song: Ageless Love, by Miyuki Hashimoto

Ending Theme: Happy Dream, by YURIA.


Shuffle! Really? Really! OP

Shuffle! Really? Really! OP

Shuffle! Really? Really! OP full song

Shuffle! Really? Really! OP full song

Shuffle! Really? Really! OST- Ageless Love

Shuffle! Really? Really! OST- Ageless Love

Really?Really!- Happy Dream by YURIA

Really?Really!- Happy Dream by YURIA.