Fuyou Momiji

芙蓉 紅葉



3 October


Kaede Fuyou (Daughter)



Momiji was Kaede Fuyou's mother and the wife of Mikio Fuyou.


She was killed in a car accident as well as both Rin's parents. Her only appearance in the visual novels is as a secondary character in Really? Really! when she helps Kaede's friends get her memory back.

The death of Momji was the reason for Kaede's resentment of Rin, believing it to be his fault that she died.

Really? Really!

Momji appears in Kaede's dream world to help her friends return her memory. Much like the other parents, she had a tendency to embarrass her daughter. During Kaede's flashbacks, she frequently hints to Rin that he is allowed take Kaede anytime he wants, resulting in much embarrassment for Kaede. However, Rin usually remained unconcerned. Nonetheless, it was also shown in the flashbacks that she also was a doting and caring parent where she attended all the important dates about her daughter and Rin. She buy a new model of camera just to photograph Sunshine Academy Graduation of Kaede and Rin.


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