Fuyou Mikio

芙蓉 幹夫



10 August



Appear in:

Really? Really!




Father of Kaede Fuyou

Take care of Rin Tsuchimi

Best friend of Rin's parents

Married to Momiji Fuyou (Deceased)

Mikio Fuyou is the husband of Momiji Fuyou and Kaede Fuyou's father. His only appearance in the visual novels is as a secondary character in Really? Really!, but has minor cameo appearance in the Shuffle! anime. Much like all the other parents in the Shuffle Series, he has a tendency to embarrass his daughter. This can been seen regularly in Really? Really! where he tells Rin that he should date Kaede, resulting in much embarrassment for Kaede. However, Rin usually remains unconcerned. He is also a very doting and caring parent where he will make sure that Rin and Kaede be together. He is often shown a little comical jealousy over Rin because his precious daughter frequently favors Rin over him.

Mikio is the one who called Rin's parent and Momiji back from their trip when Kaede falls ill. He is also the one which finally break the truth to Kaede and thus ending the suffering between Kaede and Rin.