6 May



Appears In:

Side character - Really? Really!

Side character - Shuffle!

Japanese Voice Actor

Jūrōta Kosugi

English Voice Actor

Travis Willingham

Eustoma (more commonly known as King of Gods), is Lisianthus' father and the lord of the realm of the gods. He is big, musclebound, and enjoys drinking sake. Despite his best intentions, he often embarrasses his daughter, and it is a running gag in the series that she frequently has to hit him with a chair in order to calm him down (to his great displeasure). He has three wives, one being Cineraria, the mother of Lisianthus. 

He and all the other parents in the series are very doting parents.Even so, they remains clear-headed about what is important and are all kind people.This can be seen in Really? Really!, where the two kings try to think of ways to allow Primula to stay in the human world, even though this can put their position in danger.

It is highly suggested that in the realm of god, they are mostly skilled in healing and protective magic,as compared to the devils.This can be seen that Eustoma always seem to be the one who put up protective barrier to block themselves from imminent dangers,during the Really? Really! Prologue where Primula magic goes out of control.