July 30


160 cm



Appears In:

Main character - Shuffle! Love Rainbow Side character - Shuffle! Essence+

Kikyou is Lisianthus’ younger twin sister, a bit more mischievous than Sia, she also is far more insecure and shy. Being unaccustomed to dealing with other people, Kikyou is rather awkward around everyone at first. When she feels comfortable around the people at hand, Kikyou becomes more outgoing than Sia with a straight forward type of manner and speech.


The twin sister that was meant to be born with her but she couldn't survive so Sia decided to save Kikyou by allowing Kikyou's soul to reside inside of her own. Kikyou emerges (takes control of Sia's body) when Sia is depressed or when she feels that Sia should be more aggressive to Rin. In Shuffle! Essence+, Kikyou gets an route where she and Sia are able to be separated and thereby co-exist together.


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