Kaede Fuyou

芙蓉 楓




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10 November



Appears in:

Main character - Shuffle!

Main character - Really? Really!

Main character - Shuffle! Love Rainbow

Japanese Voice Actor

Yuko Goto

English Voice Actor

Carrie Savage

Kaede is Rin's childhood best friend. Her mother passed away in the same accident that claimed Rin's parents and they've been living under the same roof ever since. She attends Verbena Academy with Rin and they are classmates. Clear-headed, good at every sport, great looks, and excellent at housework, she is the perfect woman and an idol to many throughout the Academy. However, she frequently prioritizes Rin to the point that she neglects herself.


Kaede Fuyou is Rin's childhood friend who grew up with him in the same house after her mother and Rin's parents died in a car accident.

Some time after they started junior high school, Kaede started caring for Rin, from housework to meals. She is very down to earth, modest, polite and, a soft-spoken young lady. However, at times she is seen showing serious mental distress and even acts of violence, when a great shock upsets her.

In the original game, this is only visible in the backstory, after her mother dies. However, in the anime she also exhibits this behavior when Rin become close with Asa, and Kaede attacks her when she visits. In order to atone for her actions in the past, in which she mistreated Rin, Kaede decides to make herself Rin's personal slave by cooking his meals and doing all the work around the house. Rin does not want this, but he is afraid of causing Kaede a relapse by not allowing her to punish herself in this way. Kaede is shown to have romantic feelings for Rin, but considers herself unworthy to be loved by Rin or to stay by Rin's side. However, though it is not romance, Rin cares deeply about her. Although she has come to terms with her own feelings, she continues to love Rin, and declares this in the last episode.



  • All the sex scenes inside Kaede Memories world(in Really? Really! ) are driven by Kaede's insecurity about whether Rin will fall in love on other beautiful girls and abandon her. Asa sempai seems to be her biggest worry as evidence by proportional larger amount of sex scene as compared to others. Sakura Yae is the second contender.