Midoriba Itsuki




14 March




Classmate, Friend, High School Student, Womanizer

Appears In:

Side character - Really? Really!

Side character - Shuffle!

Side character - Shuffle! Love Rainbow

Side character - Tick! Tack!

Japanese voice actor

Hideki Ogihara

English voice actor

Todd Haberkorn

Itsuki Midoriba is a classmate and friend of the characters in Shuffle! He serves as a comedic foil to Rin Tsuchimi.


He addresses himself as "oresama", a rather arrogant version of "ore" (the masculine word for "I" in Japanese). Being the womanizer of the class, he is envious of the girls' attraction to Rin and often mentions that he will take care of the girls that he doesn't choose.

Mayumi Thyme is the childhood friend of Itsuki and she effectively acts as a brake for Isuki. They often fight over comments made about Mayumi's bust size and anything else. It is noteworthy that despite Itsuki being portrayed as a womanizer, he mostly praises Kaede of her superb beauty and personality more than the rest of the girls such as Sia or Nerine. This admiration can seen when he constantly wants to hug Kaede, on every morning, but always thwart by Rin.

Itsuki may be Rin's "bad" friend but in the time of needs, he is the one providing the intelligence solution.This can be seen in the ending of Primula's Route in Shuffle!, Prologue of Really? Really! and Tick! Tack!. He will always be a help to Rin whenever he needs him.

Really? Really!

In Really? Really!, it is said that Rin meets Itsuki somewhere during the middle school where Itsuki and Mayumi are surrounded by hooligans,and it is Rin being heroic that he joined Itsuki in fighting them off. On a side note, Rin presumably gains the physical capability and courage from the fact that he is constant running and fight the bodyguards from KKK, Kito Kito Kaede (Kaede fan club).

Itsuki is actually physically attractive and highly charismatic that he can swindle any girls he wants. This is evident during the Verbana Acedemy Culture Festival, in Really? Really!. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on girls which already have their own love interest such as Sakura, Kaede, Nerine, Sia, or any other heroine.


  • Itsuki, Mayumi, King of Devil and God are the comical characters of the series. For Isuki, two main comical scenes are whenever he and Mayumi argue and whenever he and Ms.Beni engage in conversation.